• Flange Mounted Clutch

  • Flange Mounted Clutch

  • Flange mounted clutch

Power On Flange Mounted Clutch

The flange mounted clutch (also known as a power on clutch) transmits drive when the coil is energised. Available in various sizes and torques, the flange mounted clutch can be engaged statically and dynamically. Also available in a multipole high torque versions (see below).

The electromagnetic power on clutch is used to transmit rotary motion when the electrical power is turned on, and can be supplied with various armature styles (C.L., C.C. or C.E.) to suit the intended design layout, see datasheet). These consist of an armature plate and return spring (C.L. form), an integral hub with a bore and key way (C.C. form) or, Read More...with internal bearings (C.E. form).

Our electromagnetic flange mounted clutch also comes as a high torque variant (multi-pole), which give a higher static torque within a smaller envelope size and therefore reduce the overall weight. This reduces the wear as the number of start/stops required by the primary motor improving motor life.

The flange mounted clutch is generally used for static engagement, but may be used for dynamic use, as the clutch generally has an embedded friction ring in the working face.

Due to its solid construction, the electromagnetic flange mounted clutch is backlash-free. Backlash-free clutches are considered as ‘torsional rigid,’ therefore minimising movement under load.

These clutches are mainly used in the automation, military and medical industries and have been installed into food processing, collating and packaging machines. A flange mounted clutch is also suitable to be used in laundry machines, access control systems and navigation systems.

Our engineers can customise a design to reduce envelope size depending on your requirements. Lead and termination options can also be custom-made to suit your request. ISO Class B insulation is available as standard (105°C) or higher upon request. This electromagnetic clutch can also be designed for your desired storage or operating temperature.

This is our type 51, power on flange mounted clutch, if you are looking for a power off clutch, view our permanent magnet clutch.

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  • Backlash-free
  • Long life expectancy
  • Durable construction
  • Choice of drive hubs to suit application
  • Customised keyway and bore options
  • Voltage options
  • Ease of fitting
  • Optional armature hubs