Permanent magnet brakes

Permanent magnet brakes

A positive stopping action in all types of rotating machinery

Our permanent magnet brakes incorporate the use of high specification rare-earth materials to provide a positive stopping action in all types of rotating machinery.

These power-off brakes are designed so that when the power is removed, the magnetic energy of a permanent magnetic disc is channeled through the steel armature plate across an air-gap, clamping it against the stationary field housing to give the required braking force; the armature plate is normally fixed to the rotating part of the machine. When the power is returned to the brake coil the armature plate is released allowing free movement.

The permanent magnet brakes from SG Transmission are usually the best option for demanding, precise and accurate applications.

We have continued to develop the permanent magnet brake by developing the permanent magnet toothed brake which combines fail-safe, positive braking and high torque in a compact size. This unique product combines proven technologies, offering customers an innovative and practical solution in many demanding applications.

The SG Transmission permanent magnet brakes are available in eight different sizes with torques ranging from 0.4 to 60 Nm and can be customised to suit many different applications.

  • Backlash free
  • Power off brake engagement
  • Fail-safe
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting

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SG Transmission has designed a custom made, size Ø50 permanent magnet brake, for a major global motor manufacturer, which will meet the same performance criteria, whilst being 7% smaller.

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Permanent magnet brakes for medical technology

We design and manufacture permanent magnet brakes for use in a variety of high quality, specialist medical technology.

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