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Experts in electromagnetic solutions

Since our establishment in 1972, we have been meeting the need for customised power transmission and motion control products across the globe. We are committed to improving safety, accuracy and performance as we support some of the world’s leading automation projects with the design and manufacture of standard and customised electromagnetic clutch, brake and magnet solutions.

With 50 years of engineering expertise, we are not only able to work closely with our customers to develop products that meet the specific size, voltage, force or application requirements in new or existing projects; but are optimised from design to manufacture and installation.

We operate from a purpose built manufacturing facility that is ready to meet the existing and future capacity demands of the business and ensure the capability for large or small volume orders. SG Transmission utilise optimised process control and semi-automation techniques and invest in the latest CNC machinery to drive productivity, efficiency and quality throughout the business.


SG Icons-50-years Leading electromagnetics supplier since 1972
SG Icons-In-house-design 30,000 sq ft. purpose built facility
SG Icons-Leaders 82% of projects are a custom solutions
SG-Icons-Global Exporting to six continents
SG_British Engines 300x300 Part of the British Engines Group

100 years of engineering experience

SG Transmission is part of the British Engines Group of companies based in the North East of England. British Engines was founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1922, building on the region’s rich engineering heritage and local skills base.

Within the group, there are eight businesses operating in the North East of England which are supported by a network of offices in 16 other countries including America, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, India and throughout Europe. Each of the businesses design and manufacture technology leading products for a wide range of industries including the oil and gas, chemical, marine, construction and agriculture sectors.

British Engines Group

Staying COVID secure in 2021

SG Transmission is committed to the health and well-being of all our employees, visitors and customers. Our internal risk assessment related to COVID-19 can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions related to these documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment COVID-19 Statement


Our electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions are used in pioneering technology around the world. Guaranteeing safetyaccuracy and performance for the power transmission and motion control applications of tomorrow.

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Latest News

Read the latest company news, customer success stories and industry blogs from our leading experts on the topic of electromagnetics and the future of automation.

Permanent magnet brakes for medical technology

We design and manufacture permanent magnet brakes for use in a variety of high quality, specialist medical technology.

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SG Transmission develops first of its kind hybrid permanent magnet and spring applied brake

SG Transmission has successfully designed and manufactured a permanent magnet and spring applied hybrid brake, in what is thought to be the world’s first of its kind.

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SG Transmissions signs agreement with leading South Korean robotic manufacturer

SG Transmission has recently signed an agreement with a leading South Korean robotic manufacturer, to provide a permanent magnet brake which is small, lightweight and has a relatively high torque.

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