Servomotor brakes

High performance servomotor brakes for demanding industrial applications

Offering high torque and reliable performance in a small space envelope

A servomotor is a self-contained device that is typically used in the precise control of speed, velocity and angular position. A flexible, compact and powerful solution, servomotors are utilised in robotic, automation and manufacturing applications.

A servomotor consists of a motor coupled to a sensor for positional feedback, and a holding brake to secure a position while in operation or at standstill.

There has been a trend towards the use of spring-applied brakes in servomotors as these can be used for a static position and with suitably adapted friction linings can also be used as a working brake for highly dynamic emergency stops. The flexibility of the spring-applied brake means it’s perfect for many servo applications. Spring-applied brakes in servomotors are reliable with load and give excellent wear characteristics; they can be adjusted to meet the specific application needs and can be supplied with hand-release option.

  • Turret Control
  • Military Robotics
  • RV Vehicles
  • Aviation Controls

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SG Transmission has recently signed an agreement with a leading South Korean robotic manufacturer, to provide a permanent magnet brake which is small, lightweight and has a relatively high torque.

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Showcasing bespoke brakes at Smart Production Solutions 2023

SG Transmission is exhibiting at Smart Production Solutions 2023. Showcasing our range of brakes, clutches and holding magnets. Visit us in Hall 4 Stand 456.

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SG Transmission proves good things do come in small packages

SG Transmission has designed a custom made, size Ø50 permanent magnet brake, for a major global motor manufacturer, which will meet the same performance criteria, whilst being 7% smaller.

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