Backlash free

Backlash free brakes for the prevention of movement under load in applications where precise movement or holding is critical.

Fail-safe brakes

Fail-safe brakes automatically stop movement when power is removed, offering fast and accurate braking or holding in the event of power failure.

Permanent magnet brakes

Our permanent magnet brakes use high specification rare-earth materials to provide a positive stopping action in all types of rotating machinery.

Servomotor brakes

Suitable for a wide range of applications where relatively high torque is required in a small space envelope.

UL approved brakes

UL approved permanent magnet brakes, for safe and reliable use in motion control systems across the globe.

Experts in electromagnetic clutches and brakes

SG Transmission designs and manufactures electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions for industrial applications across the world.

With 50 years of engineering expertise, our heritage allows us to work closely with customers to understand unique needs of their application.

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Latest news

Read the latest company news, customer success stories and industry blogs from our leading experts on the topic of electromagnetics and the future of automation.

SG Transmission proves good things do come in small packages

SG Transmission has designed a custom made, size Ø50 permanent magnet brake, for a major global motor manufacturer, which will meet the same performance criteria, whilst being 7% smaller.

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SG Transmission supplies European distributor with largest electromagnets yet

SG Transmission has supplied a European distributor with their largest electromagnets designed and manufactured in their history.

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Permanent magnet brakes for medical technology

We design and manufacture permanent magnet brakes for use in a variety of high quality, specialist medical technology.

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SG Transmission provides holding magnets for medical imaging technology

SG Transmission has manufactured a set of 300 electromagnetic holding magnets for medical imaging company, Vilber.

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