Backlash free

Backlash free electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Any backlash is an undesired condition which must be eliminated

Backlash can be a major concern in applications where precise movement or holding is required such as medical equipment, robotic and automated technology or military applications.

Unlike many transmission products where splines or square and hexagonal drive forms are traditionally used, SG Transmission utilised a rotating drive hub and armature plate assembly. The physical connection between the hub and plate is achieved through the diaphragm spring, with all parts are rigidly riveted/bolted together. The connection between these rotating elements and the shaft(s) are often with parallel bores incorporating side fitting keys or taper-lock bushes. This means each element is rigidly restrained minimising movement under load. The flange mounted clutch, power-on brake and permanent magnet brake may be considered as `torsionally rigid` and essentially backlash-free.

  • Backlash-free
  • Power off brake engagement
  • Fail-safe
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting

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