Fire and Security

Electromagnetic clutch, brake and magnet solutions for fire and security applications

The fire and security sector requires electromagnetic brake and clutch solutions that are responsive, reliable, offer a high level of safety with minimal maintenance.

Access control applications such as turnstiles, gates and barriers call for a solution that is not only robust enough to restrict unauthorised access over extended periods of time, but able to operate quickly and efficiently in response to access authorisation and rotational speed.  Power-on (or energised to hold) technology is typically preferred in access control applications due to its response of disengaging in the event of power failure, allowing safe evacuation.

In the fire industry our clutches, brakes and magnets are relied on to control the safe operation of fire doors in line with local legislation. Our solutions allow fire doors to be compliantly held open to improve access, while releasing the door in the event of a fire to prevent the spread of smoke of flames and protect exit routes.

SG Transmission offers both standard and custom products designed to meet the specific requirements of the fire and security sector including; permanent magnet brakes, spring applied brakes, electromagnets and flange mounted brakes.

Key applications

Barrier systems
Automatic doors
Security locks
Fire door applications
Smoke vents

Sectors we work in

Our electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions are used in pioneering technology around the world. Guaranteeing safety, accuracy and performance for the power transmission and motion control applications of tomorrow.

Fire and Security
Material Handling
Motor and Drives
Warehouse Logistics

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