Electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions for military applications

In military applications, both the environment which the product will be used in and the precise nature of the application are key considerations when finding the correct clutch and brake solution. We are experienced in developing products for a range of challenging environments, from subsea to space, and so we understand that product quality and reliability is fundamental to ensure efficient, accurate and safe performance.

Our design team can work with you to develop a solution catered to your specific requirements, from electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to manual release functionality. Key military applications include; off-road and marine pursuit vehicles, bomb disposal units, submersible vessels and radar and detection technology.

Key applications

Radar and detection
Submersible vessel
Bomb disposal
Off-road vehicle
Space exploration
Pursuit vessel

 Sectors we work in

Our electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions are used in pioneering technology around the world. Guaranteeing safety, accuracy and performance for the power transmission and motion control applications of tomorrow.

Fire and Security
Material Handling
Motor and Drives
Warehouse Logistics

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