Motor and Drives

Accurate and precise electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions for motors and drive applications

Electric motor and drive technology creates force (torque) by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, this is generated through the use of electromagnetism to create rotational motion.  The electrical energy is typically supplied from either a direct current (DC) source, such as battery, or an alternating current (AC) source, such as a power grid or electrical generator. Depending on the application, electric motors can be altered to meet a variety of considerations such as size, power type, environment, output and internal construction.

An integral part of modern life, electric motor and drive technology is used in most modern industrial and household applications, from driving trains and conveyors to powering electric toothbrushes and washing machines. Used to control loads, movement, speed and power, brakes are an essential component within electric drive and motor technology to guarantee safety through precise and controlled movements.

SG Transmission offers standard or custom electromagnetic brake and clutch solutions such as the spring applied and permanent magnet brake to guarantee reliable, accurate motor and drive performance.

Key applications

BLDC motors
Rotary drives
AC motors
Electric power train
Linear drives

Sectors we work in

Our electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions are used in pioneering technology around the world. Guaranteeing safety, accuracy and performance for the power transmission and motion control applications of tomorrow.

Fire and Security
Material Handling
Motor and Drives
Warehouse Logistics

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