SG Transmissions signs agreement with leading South Korean robotic manufacturer

13th Jan 2018. 1:42 pm

SG Transmission has recently signed an agreement with a leading South Korean robotic manufacturer, to provide a permanent magnet brake which is small, lightweight and has a relatively high torque.

The UK Company, which designs and manufactures a range of electromagnetic clutches and brakes at their factory in Bishop Auckland, was approached by the organisation with an enquiry at the end of last year. The company was looking for a supplier of permanent magnetic brakes which were of high quality that would be fitted in a variety of collaboration robots.

The SG Transmission engineers designed and developed a bespoke fail-safe brake, which has now been used widely in the robotics industry, within a range of their collaboration robots which are designed to work alongside humans performing tasks such as laser eye surgery, “Pick and place” and even welding applications.

Due to the high accuracy of the work the robots are required to carry out, our customer needed a high quality brake that did not affect the critical safety functions, coming to an immediate stop in any scenario, while also retaining the load.

SG Transmission could deliver as a trusted UK manufacturer.

Neil Cook, Sales Manager at SG Transmission says “Following testing last year, the finalised brake solution is now successfully incorporated within in the robot”.

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