SG Transmission develops innovative permanent magnet brake solution

20th Apr 2021. 3:06 pm

SG Transmission was approached by a customer who was having issues with their existing permanent magnet brake. The brake, which was positioned inside the rear of the motor, was facing performance problems with the encoder due to contamination from debris.

Looking for a zero backlash, lightweight solution to work in an application with speeds rated up to 8000rpm, SG Transmission worked with the customer to develop a custom permanent magnet brake to fit in a modular style housing. This was required so that the brake would fit between a standard servo motor frame size and gearbox in a wide range of applications.

Unlike typical permanent magnet brakes, this solution was designed with a pre-set air gap inside an IP rated inner housing. The ready-for-use brake encompasses the customers input and output shaft for easy installation, as well as guaranteed concentricity to ensure improved operation.

As experts in electromagnetic clutches and brakes, we work with you to develop the perfect solution for your application’s unique requirements.

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