Permanent magnet brakes for medical technology

07th May 2021. 9:39 am

SG Transmission designs and manufactures permanent magnet brakes for use in a variety of high quality, specialist equipment and medical technology.

The permanent magnet brake can be mounted in any orientation and due to its precision and zero backlash capability, is suited to high safety applications within sectors such as medical and military.

Designed for use in fail-safe applications where electrical power outages could pose a danger to life, the magnetic brake will automatically stop the drive. In other words, when the power is removed from the unit, the armature becomes engaged with the brake field. Therefore the permanent magnet brake is typically used for static holding or parking brakes (E-stop brakes), with some dynamic capability.

As a result of its accuracy which eliminates unwanted movement, as well as its fail-safe capabilities, the permanent magnet brake has previously been supplied for use within medical technology and equipment, including:

  • Oncology treatment machines
  • X-ray medical beds
  • Equipment required for suspension above operating tables

Technical Manager at SG Transmission, Paul Short, explains: “Within high risk environments such as medical, where there could be potential danger to life, it’s very important that in the event of a power failure the suspended weight of a mechanism must not fall freely.

Unlike conventional fail-safe brakes, which often include splines, the permanent magnet brake’s construction may be considered as torsional rigid. This is what enables it to provide the level of accuracy and ability to stop, when deprived of power, which is often desired within medical applications”.

Our engineers can work to your specification to provide a solution tailored to your application, get in touch at or +44 (0) 1388 770 360.

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