Precision power-on brakes for lifelong customer

15th Jan 2023. 10:58 am

KAS Paper Systems, a long standing customer of SG Transmission and has been ordering brakes for their envelope inserting and polywrap machines since 2001.

Their paper and polywrap machinery must meet high technical quality standards therefore, KAS need to incorporate faultless components into their machines, to provide a reliable finished product that has durability.

KAS Paper Systems use SG Transmission’s type 52 brakes as they meet their high quality requirements. The backlash free, power-on brakes are used to safely stop and hold a rotating force in position. Due to the integrated, abrasion-resistant lining, they can also be used for dynamic braking applications. The force can be regulated up to the nominal voltage by an external voltage regulator.

“KAS Paper Systems have used SG Transmission type 52 power on brakes for the last 22 years because of the quality and reliability of the brake. It is a faultless product and we receive good service from the SG Team.”
Mr Rolt, Product Specialist, KAS Paper Systems Limited

KAS Paper Systems is a valued customer of SG Transmission and we hope the relationship continues for many years to come.

SG Transmission designs bespoke electromagnetic clutches and brakes for industrial applications in the medical, machinery, security, intralogistics and robotics markets, priding itself on its product development and customer service.

To find a solution bespoke to your application, get in touch at or call +44 (0) 1388 770 360.

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