SG Transmission high performance permanent magnet brakes

15th Feb 2024. 2:36 pm

SG Transmission manufactures large quantities of high-performance electromagnetic permanent magnet brakes at its factory in the UK.

Permanent magnet power-off brakes offer high power density, accuracy, and durability within a compact module. They are available as a standard option, customized to suit specific installation positions, or designed as completely bespoke solutions. Our permanent magnet brakes are manufactured with performance at the forefront.


The brakes have several key features, including zero backlash, high stopping accuracy, precision holding, and high torque specifications using multi-pole designs.

Permanent magnet brakes are usually the best option for demanding applications. They can also be used in fail-safe scenarios to automatically stop motion when power fails.


Applications include:

Servo Motors: Controlling movement, speed, and power.

Medical Technology: Providing precise, zero-backlash braking.

Robotics: Supporting single and multi-axis robots and cobots, ensuring smooth movement and protecting people.

Warehouse Logistics: Enabling accurate intralogistics and reliable transport of goods.

Access Control Systems: Ensuring safe operation and secure access.

Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV): Providing reliable braking for precise movement and holding.


SG Transmission’s permanent magnet brakes can be customized to higher torques using multi-pole designs. This allows for increased torque within the same size casing.

Brakes are available in a range of sizes Ø 18mm – Ø 250mm, with torques ranging from 0.05Nm to 360Nm.


To assist customers in finding the ideal solution for their requirements, the website’s ‘product selector’ tool allows users to determine which type of brake would be most suitable for their project.

SG Transmission invites you to explore its website and find out more about its electromagnetic permanent magnet brake solutions.


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