• Toothed brake

Permanent Magnet Toothed Brake

The permanent magnet toothed brake offers a fail-safe braking solution with a higher torque than conventional single face friction brakes in a compact size.

The permanent magnet toothed brake is designed so that when the power is removed from the unit, the magnetic energy of a permanent disc is channelled to attract the steel toothed armature across an air gap. This will then clamp in place against the stationary housing to give the required braking effect.

The permanent magnet toothed brake may be engaged while at a standstill or synchronised with the toothed driving ring speed to give precision holding and no slip.

The permanent magnet toothed brake gives the perfect solution for many types of applications providin Read More...g positive braking and is available in various sizes and torques to meet your requirements.

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  • High torque
  • Compact size
  • Fail-safe
  • Power off brake engagement
  • Precision holding
  • No slip
  • Optional number of teeth