SG Transmission UL Approved Brakes

SG Transmission has gone the extra mile to Underwriters Laboratories approve our permanent magnet brakes

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Technical Information

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global American safety-related company which provides certification, validation, testing, inspection and auditing for electrical devices and components which are mainly used in motion control systems.

We value your safety and want to help maintain your application solution to the very highest standard. That’s why SG Transmission has gone the extra mile to UL approve our permanent magnet brakes, type 62

The permanent magnet brakes manufactured by SG Transmission are approved in accordance to UL 508, Industrial Control Equipment and 17th edition and CSA C22.2 No. 14-13, 12th edition.

SG Transmission permanent magnet brakes, type 62 incorporates the use of high specification rare-earth materials to provide a positive stopping action in all types of rotating machinery.

These power-off brakes are designed so that when the power is removed, the magnetic energy of a permanent magnetic disc is channeled through the steel armature plate across an air-gap, clamping it against the stationary field housing to give the required braking force; the armature plate is normally fixed to the rotating part of the machine. When the power is returned to the brake coil the armature plate is released allowing free movement.

The permanent magnet brake from SG Transmission is usually the best option for demanding precise and accurate applications.