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Part of the British Engines Group

SG Transmission is part of the British Engines Group of companies based in the North East of England. British Engines was founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1922, building on the region’s rich engineering heritage and local skills base. The group now employs 1,450 people.

British Engines is made up of seven engineering businesses working across the globe. Each of the businesses design and manufacture technology leading products for a wide range of industries including the oil and gas, chemical, marine, construction and agriculture sectors.

The British Engines Group offers a diverse range of products designed by in-house engineering teams and manufactured in a number of integrated production facilities. Within the group, there are seven factories in the North East of England which are supported by a network of offices in 16 other countries including America, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, India and throughout Europe.

Michell Bearings is a premier designer and manufacturer of hydrodynamic whitemetal (or babbitt) and PTFE lined bearings for the marine, defence and industrial sectors across the world.

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BEL Engineering offers sub contract machining services specialising in large capacity, heavy duty, horizontal machining.

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Stadium Export Services can provide a comprehensive export service offering everything from bespoke packing solutions to export logistics.

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BEL Valves is an internationally renowned supplier of high pressure valves, actuators and controls to the oil and gas industry.

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Rotary Power was established in 1968. They specialise in the design, development and manufacture of
hydraulic motors and pumps.

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CMP Products is a leading specialist manufacturer of cable glands, cable connectors, cable cleats and associated accessories.

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The group’s products range from hydraulic pumps and motors used in industrial machinery, to high pressure valves used in subsea applications. Most recently, a hyperbaric test centre was created by the group to service the subsea and underwater testing market, as well as provide research facilities in support of developing world-first technology.

As a part of such a prestigious engineering group, SG Transmission has access to the group’s on-going support and stability to enable the business to compete with electromagnetic clutch and brake manufacturers all over the world.

SG Transmission has the capacity to fulfill large order quantities, as well as still being able to service the niche, smaller quantity bespoke market. The in-house engineers have the experience to offer a customised design service to suit the needs of your specific application.