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SG Transmission design hybrid product for industry leader

The design team at SG Transmission have been working with a customer to design a one of a kind hybrid product.

The clutch with an electromagnetic toothed lock was developed in response to an enquiry from a brand leader in the medical devices market experiencing problems with its existing supplier. The mechanism, which is part of the adjustment system within the articulated joints of a medical imaging system, is used in equipment such as ultrasonic machines where the joints allow the operator to manually move a screen to the optimal viewing position.

The existing system uses a motorised ball screw and band brake to provide positive locking, however this was proving problematic with poor control of the locking torque and often requiring significant rework after test. In fact one in five parts failed in assembly and test and one in three failed during operation proving very costly for the customer.

SG Transmission was approached via an international partner to provide a solution to overcome this issue. The client had approached a number of manufacturers all over the world who simply could not come up with a solution within the size constraint. The solution had to fit inside the existing application, have all the features of a conventional failsafe brake and deliver high torque whilst providing a cost saving. Easier said than done!

The solution was not one product offering, but the combination of three… a true hybrid.

By combining the unique characteristics of three products, a solenoid, a toothed brake and a torque overload friction coupling; a custom design was developed by the design team at SG Transmission.

The solution has been supplied to the machine manufacturer as a pre-assembled ‘plug and play’ solution where all the required torque settings and adjustments are made during assembly.

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